Our Philosophy

1. Total commitment to our owner's demands

THE A-TEAM will have as much communication as possible with our owners to fulfill their demands in accordance with our operating direction. THE A-TEAM will have clear and straightforward accounting operation.

2. Workplace environment and human training

THE A-TEAM will keep cleanliness in our stable at all times in order to maintain safety in our workplace. We provide training equipments including a wooden horse for riding practice. Our staff's lounge is equipped with an electrical massaging device and a beverage vending machine for our staff's relaxation.
THE A-TEAM will aim at human resource development for continuous improvement of our staff's capability and for fostering of skillful horsepersons for the future. Our training program includes work experience at overseas stables, internship in major training farms in Japan and race riding experience. Based on trainer's previous experience as a jockey (both flat and steeplechase), THE A-TEAM will train apprentice jockeys.

3. The stable which contributes to our society

In order to clarifying purposes and values of our stable operation and its development, THE A-TEAM will eagerly act as a contributor to our society. Our official website will transmit distinctive information for racing fans to raise their interest to our horses and various aspects of horse racing.

Our total commitment to "species preservation"

Our aim is not only winning the prestigious races, our ultimate goal is "species preservation". THE A-TEAM will implement safe and effective managements for training and feeding. We will try to accelerate "horse's evolution" in accordance with our consideration on horse's future, their progeny and descendent. In order to achieve this, THE A-TEAM will have discerning eyes for quality of feeds which we give to our horses. Our use of injections for relieving horse's muscle stiffness or fatigue will be minimal. Instead of excessive use of medications, we prefer giving massaging for horses to promote their reinvigorating capability. After all, THE A-TEAM will try to produce stallions and mares that have strong genes.