How to find a good horse

Basic tips to evaluate a horse

  • Health and dignity
    Bright eyes, glossy skins are curious attitude are the signs that good horses often have.
    Horse's dignity is determined by horse's health.

  • Balance of the body
    Horse's body should be well-balanced. The horse should be symmetry when being looked at both from front and side.

  • Body line
    Good horses often have smooth body lines.

  • Degree
    Degrees of jaw, head, shoulder, buttock and hock.

  • Imperfection and defects
    How much inperfection or defects of the horse affect its physical performence?

  • Walk
    Activeness and smoothness can be seen when the good horse walks.

  • Behavior
    The horses that trusts its handler and behaves steadily are often good.
    Bad behavior should be noticed.
(Next step, tips to evaluate horse's each portion more closely)